Four Fabulous Restaurants For You To Enjoy While In Charleston SC

The largest city in South Carolina is certainly going to have some great places to eat. If you have ever been to Charleston, you know at least a little of what to expect. I’ll never forget visiting Charleston with family, and we ate at Bubba Gumps. In this article, we are going to look at four of the top ranked restaurants in Charleston to grab a bite to eat.

Early Bird Diner is a great place to start if you are looking for a good breakfast. You will find this establishment located at 1644 Savannah Highway, and you get to enjoy chicken and waffles, pancakes, patty melts, biscuits, cobbler and more. Whether you want a yummy breakfast or a delicious brunch, Early Bird Diner on Savannah Highway could be your spot.

Smoke BBQ is a great place to enjoy a great meal as well. The establishment located at 487 King Street serves up Carolina barbecue at its finest. Brisket, wings, loaded fries and much more await you as you make your way to Smoke BBQ. The restaurant atmosphere is said to be great and the staff super friendly. Smoke BBQ is said to feature a happy hour, too.

Next up is Anson Restaurant, and the crispy flounder that is shown in a picture on a travel site looks delicious. Would you also like to enjoy some short ribs, collard greens and pecan pie? It is mentioned in the reviews that this place had to be rebuilt after a fire, and that it is just as popular as it was before. Since Anson Restaurant gets really busy, you might want to make a reservation. Anson Restaurant is located at 12 Anson Street.

Eli’s Table is also a great pick for enjoying a meal, and it is located at 129 Meeting Street. Known for serving up a delicious brunch, Eli’s Table features menu items like sweet potato pancakes, cheesecake, duck and waffles. Have you heard of duck being served with waffles? That is certainly a little different for sure. People have lots of great things to say about Eli’s Table.

That’s four Charleston restaurants that you know you can depend upon for serving you up a great meal. I could definitely see myself starting out at the Early Bird Diner and then making my way to one of the other three establishments for dinner, most likely Smoke BBQ. Which of these fine restaurants has got your attention?