A Handyman’s Guide to DIY: 5 Home Repair Problems and Solutions

Sometimes homeowners have problems with home repairs. They find themselves in a dilemma because they don’t know how to fix their local problem or where to start looking for a solution. In many cases, the homeowner will go from one contractor to another trying to get an estimate on the anticipated cost of repair. Some contractors are very costly and others give you a bid that is so low it sounds improbable.

Problem 1: A leaking faucet

Solution 1: Turn off the water supply. If you are unsure about how to do it, ask your landlord or neighbor. Then take off the faucet’s rubber cap and tighten the nut with an adjustable wrench (make sure that you use it correctly). You can also replace this nut with a new one.

Problem 2: A broken window glass in an antique frame

Solution 2: Again, turn of the water supply before doing any damage to your window. Use a putty knife or similar tool, gently push in between the wooden parts of your window until you unglue them completely. Don’t forget to cover your face when working close to broken glass! Replace old glazing with new one and reassemble the frame. You can also place plastic film between wooden parts to avoid this happening again by filling up spaces that potentially let the wind through.

Problem 3: A broken tile

Solution 3: Use a razor blade or chisel to remove old thinnest around your broken tile, but try not to damage neighboring tiles in the process. Make sure you clean all tiles with appropriate solvents so adhesive will form a good bond. Spread new adhesive on the floor where the tile was removed. Put back your tile, apply pressure on it with something heavy for about half an hour until curing is complete, then clean excess of adhesive off using a suitable tool (putty knife).

Problem 4: Warped kitchen cabinet doors or drawer fronts

Solution 4: If it’s not too bad you can often fix this by doing nothing. The warping is usually caused by uneven thermal expansion and your cabinet will probably correct itself over time if it hasn’t already. You could also temporarily use magnets under the warped panels to help it adjust properly, but try to do that only on the outside of the cabinet. Use a better quality wood for future doors or buy a new one rather than using an easier way.

Problem 5: Leaky toilet tank

Solution 5: Let the handyman near me in Bloomfield, MI check whether the water supply is still turned off, then remove the lid from the tank with a screwdriver. Remove faulty flapper valve inside tank opening to allow fresh water flow into the system again, tighten chain connecting valve with adjusting tool and reattach the flapper. Make sure that both ends of the chain are equally tightened, then fasten a new rubber washer to the hinge end and attach it back to the tank.