Bathroom renovation: what it includes

The complete renovation of the bathroom includes: demolition of the room, removal of systems, installation of new systems, casting of the screed, installation of floor and wall coverings, installation of sanitary fixtures, bathroom accessories and accessories          tub to shower conversion in Fenton, MO.

What happens during these interventions?

Renovating a bathroom: stages of work

I divided the work into six phases , which however DO NOT correspond to the duration of the works, because the intervention – in general – takes more time.

Let’s see them in detail .

1 Demolition and tracks

On the first day , the bathroom is demolished and the traces on the wall are executed.

The company – first of all – disassembles sanitary ware and furnishing accessories, destroys coatings, flooring, screed and removes the water-sanitary system and the toilet flush cistern (unless the toilet has a backpack cistern).

Here is the bathroom after demolition

Then there is the execution of the traces on the wall , or the path that a part of the new water-sanitary and / or electrical system will follow.

The first phase takes about 1 day of work : times vary according to the size of the premises and the organization of the company.

2 Lay implants

On the second day, the installation of the new water-sanitary system takes place , that is the set of networks and equipment that distribute hot and cold water, in addition to the water discharges.

hydro-sanitary system of the bathroom

In modern bathrooms , the most used material for these systems is multilayer , so called because the pipes are composed of layers of various materials. In addition to the plumbing and sanitary system, the new toilet flush cistern is also installed (inside or outside the wall).

The corrugated pipes – which contain the electrical cables – and the fruit boxes are also laid during the day .

The second phase also takes about 1 day of work, with times varying according to square footage, project details and organization of the company.

3 Casting the screed

During the third day, the screed is poured , a layer of material that performs three functions:

covers the facilities

levels the surface

receives floor loads

The traditional screed is composed of sand and cement, but the company could choose a screed with a different mixture.