Waterproof and also resistant to humidity

ceramic floors

PVC floors have a remarkable duration over time . They were created to be used in environments subject to frequent traffic, such as hospitals and environments open to the public and are therefore specifically designed to withstand frequent impacts, trampling and sliding kitchen countertops in Fort Myers, FL.

For these characteristics they are used in humid environments without undergoing alterations, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Easy to clean

A soft, well-wrung cloth is enough to clean them. Simple!


The fact that they are made of synthetic material need not worry. Vinyl floors are able to reduce the static charge present in the environments in which they are installed.


No creaking typical of parquet but on the contrary, the PVC floor muffles the noise of falling objects or trampling.


Vinyl floors are very beautiful, especially the Luxury Vinyl Tiles , a rigid type capable of faithfully reproducing the color, grain, brightness and even inaccuracies of wooden floors (it can even be smooth or rough). To the naked eye, it is almost impossible to distinguish a high-quality LVT from a wooden parquet.

If you are looking for something more particular or urban style than classic parquet, LVT vinyl floors really offer many possibilities in terms of reproducing material effects.

Adhesive vinyl floors

Self-adhesive vinyl floors are available in two sizes

In rolls

In tiles.

The floors in rolls are the cheapest and can be purchased by the cut, with a cost ranging from 5 euros / m2 upwards. They are available in a smooth version or with non-slip stamps – widely used in crafts and industry. On the other hand, blades and tiles, ideal for commercial activities and homes, are available in different formats with a basic cost of 10 euros / sqm.

Adhesive vinyl floors often arouse conflicting opinions mainly related to the aesthetic impact, but they are certainly functional. They can be used on any smooth and dry substrate, after thorough cleaning (especially from dust and grease).

Once placed, they adhere perfectly to the bottom and have a duration comparable to tile floors. Not only that, once worn, they can also be removed by themselves using a heat gun and a little patience: the underlying floor will not suffer any damage, on the contrary, it will be better protected from wear.